There is nothing like central air.

That’s why at Root’s Heating & Cooling we only install the most efficient and quietest air conditioning systems you can buy. They’re engineered for perfect cooling and savings. We also help get your older air conditioning unit working like new again.

New Air Conditioning Units

New air conditioning units are efficient like never before. Comfort is about more than just temperature though, it’s also about consistency. The ability to maintain and ideal temperature and perfect humidity under any conditions is a tall task for an older air conditioning unit. However, a brand new air conditioner unit has some of the most consistent temperature controls. Combine that with some of the best efficiency on the market today, your home will be cool and your air conditioning utility bills will be low.

Contact us today to have your home evaluate for a brand-new air conditioning unit.

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Maintenance on your existing air conditioning unit.

Not everyone needs a brand-new air conditioning unit. In most cases, great up-keep and maintenance on your air conditioning unit can extend its life greatly. That’s why at Root’s’s Heating and Cooling, we service your existing air conditioning unit to make sure it is performing to the best of its abilities. An optimal performing air conditioning unit ensures you’re home will be cooled properly and keep your costs to operate it at a minimum.

At Root’s Heating & Cooling, we can send out a trained technician to inspect your air conditioning unit, which includes:

  • External and enclosure air conditioning unit inspection
  • Inside elements inspection
  • Inspection of all connections
  • Check for optimal operation of air conditioning unit

We ensure everything is operating correctly and that your equipment is in the most optimal condition. Schedule an appointment with us today for service.

Quality Air Conditioning Service

Our experienced technicians are professionally trained to diagnose and fix any issues you may be having with your air conditioning, including your air conditioning unit, programmable thermostats, and more. Call Root’s Heating & Cooling at (810) 688-4813 today to get immediate service for your home or business.

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Why Choose Root’s Heating & Cooling?

$99 Gas/Propane Furnace Tune Up!*

What we charge is simple: tune-ups are $99 for gas/propane furnaces, $119 for gas boiler, $149 for oil boiler, $129 for geothermal, and $89 for gas fireplace.  Pricing for parts and repairs may vary.

Call us at (810) 688-4813 today.

*Additional costs after business hours.

Diagnostic Fee

$89 for residential, $129 after hours. $119 for commercial and $159 after hours.  That’s the cost of having one of our trained technicians visit your home or business to diagnose the problem of your furnace, boiler,  air conditioner, or heat pump.  Pricing for parts and repairs may vary.

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Financing Available

We provide great financing options for the money-conscience shopper.  We want your purchase to be convenient and comfortable. Through our trusted vendors, we offer the opportunity to conveniently finance your purchase for your home or business.

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Great Products

We install and service the best, most energy-efficient equipment that is available today. Our Heating & Air Conditioning services and systems will keep performing for years to come and each have a guaranteed warranty.

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